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frequently asked questions


[!]For information on Sound Under Linux: see FAQ:Drivers section.

[?]The mic as well as a external mic does no longer work. Sound output is fine.
[-]You may try to check if you mic in not muted in you audio panel ( the yellow speaker in the task bar's tool box. Double click it and chose menu Options_Properties then Recording * and in the appeard listbox see if Mic is checked then OK the recording sliders appear and the Mic slider too. If you want to record through your mic it should be selected and the  slider set up.
Also you may try to run Microsoft Chat froom Internet tools and it has an audio configuration utility, it runs it diring set up and it configures the
mic ( it's level and runs a test) too.

[?]What is Maestro DOS Games/FM devices.
[?]I refortmated hard drive and now in the hardware profile I have two profiles of the following:"Maestro DOS Games/FM devices". One is working fine, the other is disabled because:  "Computer cannot find any free I/O resources to use. Code 12"
[-]The Maestro DOS Games/FM thing just allows sound to be heard when playing games. I have found that you can still hear sound on most games even if that driver is not loaded.
If it can't find enough resources, then chances are something else you have loaded or connected (PC Card?) is occupying the needed resources. If not, you may wish to remove all the drivers from Device Manager, then let Windows find them all again and let it load automatically. When its done, then run the DOS Games driver from the Setup-CD.



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