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  I collected these links while dealing with problems I had with my machine, so you may find them useful in your search for answers as well.
From my experience I noticed that when you found some problems on your machine, the first intention is to blame the hardware or bad drivers, while system issues are often left with a little attention. So what I want to point out is that  system-related issues ( esp. Windows' )  should be checked out first and then you go further narrowing down possible weak points. 
Here you find  links particular to Transmonde Notebooks, but I also included some links related generally to notebooks, computers, and systems -- be sure to check them out first. And of course you may always post your question, so your fellow Compu-triots could share your burden...
And as you probably understand it yourself : YourLinks will be very much appreciated.

[Transmonde Notebooks]


Transmonde Laptop InfoPage | You probably have visited this page already.This page, created and maintained by Jessica Boyd, truly is the main gathering place for those, who once decided to choose a Transmonde notebook. There's a MessBoard on the site.

|ask questions|

Transmonde Laptop MessBoard | The very first place to post your question.  Again, this is a direct link to  MessBoard on Jessica's Page.
eGroups:Transmonde | This is a mailing-list, but there you can see current postings, also you can subscribe to the list and recieve new postings by eMail. 
Notebook Buyer's MessBoard | Place to visit for various questions generally about notebooks.

|hardware manufacturers|

video:Chips & Technologies:
Asiliant Technologies | Asiliant Technologies: Products | Intel: CHIPS Support

sound:ESS Maestro-2:
ESS Technology |
pointer:Synaptics TouchPad:
Synaptics | Synaptics-Support
modem:AmbiCom PCMCIA:
Ambicom | Ambicom-Support
PCcard:Texas Instruments PCMCIA:
Texas Instruments:PCMCIA-FAQ | Texas Instruments - Support
Insyde Software | Insyde -- BIOS | SystemSoft - Support | These links are pretty much useless because you cannot find BIOS updates there -- you get pointed back to 'your vendor' --  they just add to the eSpecs of our notebooks.

If you are looking for driver updates -- check out Drivers.

[General Links]


Tips for portable computers | Huge and well-maintained collection of various tips on notebooks [laptops]. Tips are elaborately classified and periodically updated. There's also a downloadable version of the tips -- alot of reading.
Fringe's Laptop Info | Collection of various links on notebooks: info, tips, resources. Though it's not updated, but still is useful.
Upgrade-Parts-Repair Links | Huge list of links to everything: upgrade tips, manufacturers, vendors, repairshops, infos etc.

Notebooks: Components Guide | Explanes modern  functionality and technology that stands behind various laptop's components with so familiar names like CPU, DVD etc. 

Notebook Buyer's Home Page - Home  | Follows the updates in the world (market) of notebooks. Technology, reviews, links etc. There's also a MessBoard  on the site.

|systems| Forums:OS  | Windows and Linux OS -- info, questions, problems etc.

Teddy's Tips and Trix Windows  |  | Windows 98 Articles | Windows 98 Bugs!!!  | Unofficial Windows 98  | Windows 98 Tips - Irritations  | Windows-Help.NET | Fine Tune Windows 98 | Pile of various Win-sites -- all are quite extensive. You probably know some of them -- I just want to keep them handy here. Alot of reading if you've a problem to solve or interest and time to spend. Otherwise just keep your system running and "Don't worry -- Be Happy!"

DriverSearch Tools:
Driver Search Tool Download and Search URL's  | Frank Condron's World O'Windows  | Useful if you have a bunch of different devices and no (known to you) support from manufacturer, and you're looking for updated drivers.
download: Driver-Lynx   | a utillity to search for drivers.

Windows Update - Save to Disk   | WinUpdates downloads: FileLists  | These are usefull if you don't like to wait helplessly while your 'smart' WindowsUpdate runs MS-certified ActiveXes. And just in case you need to have all of the critical 'updates' stored as files, which would save you some brain-cells when you decide to re-install your Windows (if then still supported by [ex-?]MS).
download:FTP:Directory of /softlib/MSLFILES | direct link to MS.

Bascin Ventures - Software Development  | various  Linux freeware, with source-code of course.


Data Communications FAQ  | Curt's Modem Tips & Tricks | Some links if you looking for more than your modem does, sometimes you learn that this all it can...
PCMCIA Home Page | These cards might be a good choice to expand your notebook's abilities.

Glossary of Computer Related Abbreviations and Acronyms  | Some of translations are surprisingly strange (e.g. check out SOAP :).



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Disclaimer: This is an unofficial support page and in no way is (or would be at all) affiliated with Transmonde Inc. All materials posted are of highly subjective nature and represent experiences and opinions of users of Transmonde notebooks, your use of these materials is at your own risk. All tradenames used are property of their respective owners.