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frequently asked questions

Questions here are focused mainly on the problems/issues that users encountered while using their Transmonde notebooks. These questions were collected from various sources on the Net and mostly from  Jessica's Transmonde Laptop InfoPage. You'll find all questions divided into several categories each covering a separate aspect of using  notebooks. Though I tried to compile all answers in order to wider and better cover a question's subject, the answers given are not 'final', so your contributions into these faqs would be gladly accepted.
Feel free to send your question-answer contributions on MyEmail, so I could post them on these pages.
If you don't find your question asked or if you're just curious, you may also check out some other notebook related resources in the Links section, there you also find links to places where you could post your questions (answers) to share with other users. 

please keep in mind  that answers and recommendations here are rather opinions and you should weight them and think twice before taking any steps, especially when it's about tweaking with hardware and system core.



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Disclaimer: This is an unofficial support page and in no way is (or would be at all) affiliated with Transmonde Inc. All materials posted are of highly subjective nature and represent experiences and opinions of users of Transmonde notebooks, your use of these materials is at your own risk. All tradenames used are property of their respective owners.