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"We've designed your computer to be as easy to use as possible..."

"If you do have to work on your computer for long periods of time,
make sure you vary you tasks throughout the day, and
take frequent breaks -- get up and stretch, walk around..."

Vivante SE User's Guide, p.13

Welcome to Transmonde Notebook Owner's Self-Support Page!
Yes, it has been a while since Transmonde Inc. left the ship of portable computing, leaving us the users on our own with the fruits of its existence -- our precious notebooks. 
Fortunately to us and to the honor of their retired vendor, our Vivantes and Vibrants are still faithfully humming on our desks and readily accompany us in our daily travel. Though sometimes something fails, and that's when we signal out our Transmonde S.O.S and  seek support, but from whom? We don't have too many choices now,  but count on ourselves, our fellow Compu-triots (hope you find my term appropriate), on our communal knowledge, and hopefully on those, who made Transmonde so much appreciated -- its former employees [esp.Trent and Ken].
Being a user of a Vivante myself  I thought of a page, which could concentrate our communal knowledge of living with a Transmonde notebook, presenting  information collected from different sources and which could become a place, where one could possibly find support when it's needed, some kind of self-organized and self-maintained substitute to what we're missing from our vendor and thus to contribute to the efforts, that have been made by others in order to accumulate this knowledge and first of all by Jessica Boyd whose Transmonde Laptop Information Page is a true meeting place for all of us.
On these Self-Support pages first of all you find answers on FAQs that were compiled from different sources and are related to problems users had with Transmonde notebooks, also check out information on DriverUpdates and downloads, manufaturers' and other Links, and finally Troubleshooting sequences.  Troubleshooting is a next step, kind of big-project, that requires some classification, for which I certainly need help and your efforts as well.
I welcome everyone's participation and contributions to the content of these pages. Feel free to write me YourIdeas and infos so I could add them onto these pages.

Transmonde S.O.S is a Self-Support, so let it be Active!


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