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frequently asked questions


[!]For Dirver Updates: check out Drivers.




[?]Video support under Linux.
[-]XFree86-3.3.3 or later does support our C&T 69000 video at 1024x768.
[-]I have Debian (2.1) running on mine. Yes, X_3.3.3  for the C&T 69000 chip. I don't think Debian has moved  to 3.3.3 as standard yet - check - but changing 3.3.2  to 3.3.3 was easy. (The old C&T 65555 is fine with either.) 
The hardest thing about my install was picking the  right mouse - the pointer froze when I guessed wrong. I also had to switch to an earlier version of the 
PCMCIA drivers...maybe that's fixed by now...

[?]Sound under Linux.
[-]Alan Cox (big Linux guru) has finally finished the Maestro-2 drivers
for Linux! Native support... kernel 2.2.14... etc... read it!



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