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frequently asked questions

[Operating System]


[!]Vivante: Win2000 Installation. User Comments:
[-]Win2000 RC2:
Good News:
The install was a breeze. The system is up and running and seems stable. Windows 2000 identified & automatically supplied drivers for audio,
video, CD, and even my "DATport" (an external USB audio device I have).
Bad News:
The OS consumed 760 MB! I hope someone soon will supply some sort of "2000Lite" utility, or publish a list of files you can safely delete.
Touchpad drivers were not installed; the control panel identifies the mouse as "Microsoft PS2." The touchpad mouse cursor works fine, and so does the "tap-tap" double-click. But the horizontal- and vertical-scroll features are not there.
Have yet to try DVD movies. Also I will be trying LS-120s soon...


[?]Can I run Linux  on Transmonde notebooks. Which Linux.
[-]Transmonde actually endorses Linux and claims in printed catalogs to be "Linux friendly".
[-] I picked up SuSE 6.3 and started looking at the manual, but haven't broken the discs seal yet. X ver is 3.3.5. Was also considering Mandrake 6.5. Both have same versions of kernel, KDE and X
--Includes a version of Partition Magic & BootMagic.
--Optimized for Pentium-class CPU.
--Includes much more Linux software, 6 discs total.
--Not optimized for Pentium, will run on a 486

I figured the optimization might be very minor for all I know. For all I know it's only a compile switch and I could recompile that way myself. And I already have Partition Magic, so I went for SuSE with the extra Linux sw.

[!]For information on video and sound under Linux: see FAQ:Drivers section.



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