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frequently asked questions



[?]Modem information on Vivante XL 300Mhz.
[-]The modem is made by Forreson in Taiwan. They use a Rockwell  chipset. When you got the computer, there was a modem diskette in the accessory box. The modem uses one *.inf file. Maybe some XL owner has it and can email it to you. The modem driver is the same as the Vibrant LS modem as well.

[?]Vibrant: Modem problem: Troubleshooting.
[-]First, run modem diagnostics from Control Panel. If it doesn't see the modem, try going into BIOS, select "Advanced", then "Peripherals". Check
COM B mode. It should say MODEM. If it says IR or FIR, you'll need to change it to MODEM.
If the BIOS setting is set to modem, but the modem fails diagnostics (and you feel brave), you can try re-seating the modem.  (See FAQ:DisassembleNotes).

[?]Vivante XL: modem is slow.
[?]Modem works, but it just does not work up to its full potential. The
connection is always slow. Even if it says I am connected at 33600, or 44000, my laptop is still slower than my other computer which only has a 28,800 modem.
[-]The problem most likely isn't your modem, but your phone lines. Local phone companies have been seeking to squeeze more capacity out of existing lines, which tends to cut down on data transmission speeds. The only way to make sure that is the problem is by using your modem in another area. If the speed is faster, then you know what the problem is and you'll just have to live with it.
[-]Have you run Windows98 diagnostics on your modem? If the firmware has not been flashed to V.90, then it is still communicating via K56Flex. If your ISP supports V.90 & X.2, this could be the reason for the slower than expected data transmission. 
When you run Windows modem diagnostics, the firmware version should be 2.1. If it shows version 1.2 (or basically anything other than 2.1) then you'll need to flash it. The flash program (flashcom.exe) is on the modem driver diskette.


[?]Vivante: USB devices don't work: Troubleshooting.
[-]Usual answers:
1. reinstall USB  controller in DeviceManager, 
2. try to connect other USB devices ( for example USB mouse or keyboard), or
3. try to connect to another USB port if more than one.
4. try to connect your USB device to other computer  (desktop/notebook) to see whether it works at all.

The trick is that USB mouse may work while something heavier like scanner or printer would not.  If none of this worked -- there's little you can do to fix it yourself -- send it to ASE if still under warranty. They usually check if your  BIOS is updated, and after look closely for any problem.
[-]Start with the basics. 
1. Does the USB controller show up in Device Manager?
2. Have you tried a low speed device such as a keyboard or mouse?
3. Are you using Windows NT? (no USB support)
4. If using Windows95, the USB supplement must be loaded correctly.

If everything checks out ok, then you may need to contact ASE for (hopefully) warranty work.

In Device Mngr:
USB takes IRQ 10 shared with PCI steering and PCI cardbus controller. 
If the setup you have is the original, you shouldn't need to change any of the settings or IRQs. Check to see if you have any other conflicts in
Device Manager, especially under Sound, Video, & Game Controllers before you start changing IRQs.
[-]The only USB device that worked was a Logitech Wheel Mouse. I was
about to despair when I remembered that some folks make PCMCIA to USB converter cards. I bought one made by Hi-Val, plugged it in, and was up and running. I currently have a USB connection to an Intel AnyPoint home  phoneline network, and the docking cradle for a Handspring Visor Deluxe running. Neither of these would work plugged into the SE's USB port, but when run through the PCMCIA - USB converter, they work like a charm.

[?]Vivante:Which USB NetworkCard works? 
[-] [Trent --A.B.]  have used a USB 10BaseT device from CATCwhile working at Transmonde. It was used on all models and worked fine.



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