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frequently asked questions

[Replacing CMOS battery]

[?]What is the type of CMOS battery and where I could get  a replacement.
[-]Maxwell CR1220 or equivalent (Panasonic VL1220-1HF). It's a re-chargeable Li-battery 3V, unlike other regular watch-type batteries it's usually sold with the mounting pins attached (see image). Ask in your local RadioShake store or look up online.VL1220-1HF

[?]How to get to the CMOS battery on the Vivante XL/SE model.
[-]There were two revisions of the motherboard on the XL. On the new revision, you can find the CMOS battery by removing the RAM cover underneath the computer.  If you don't see the battery there, then its kind of buried and requires you to almost fully disassemble the computer.
[-]CMOS is under the speaker assembly and another plastic layer just above the F8/F9 keys. You must undo almost the entire machine to get that plastic layer free. Once I got it free, I used a Dremel tool to make a rectangular hole in the plastic unit so the next time I must change the battery, I only need to remove the speaker assembly. 
[-]Looking at my old mainboard I see that the CMOS battery is soldered aboveclick to enlarge and below. Can't be replaced by grabbing with forceps, as I suggested in my prior posting. Probably needs to be replaced by an expert, unless you can solder while using heat sinks to avoid transfering heat and killing the circuitry on the mainboard.
[-]I have a Vivante SE. The CMOS battery is adjacent to the CD-ROM connectors. My battery looks like a Panasonic VL 1220. If you look into the empty removable drive bay, there is something that looks a  lot like a wafer-thin battery next to the connectors 
the drive plugs into.

[!]More info on replacing the CMOS battery: see in FAQ:Disassembling Notes.



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