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frequently asked questions

[Boot Problems]

[?]Help, my Vivante  won't boot! There is a blank screen and the only thing that's running is the fan. Both the floppy and CD-ROM  do not run, yet the light stays on for both.
[?]I own a 2.5 year old Vibrant . It doesn't power up correctly. When I push the power button, some times it takes 3 tries to get it to start up. Then, the drives don't spin up and you can't even get into setup. It just sits with a blank screen. 
[-]Those are the usual symptoms of a dead CMOS battery. This cell-battery (usually thin and round) powers the low-level memory chip that is responsible for initial boot up of the bare-bone hardware and also for the internal clock. The battery is replaceable but the location of it depends on the  model of your Transmonde notebook. See the FAQ:Replacing  CMOS battery.

[?]My Vivante SE is showing a blank screen when I try to boot up and after a mangled windows sound, it beeps three times (2 short, 1 long), pauses then repeats the three beeps. If I turn it off then back on a few times, it sometimes boots up normally.
[?]I've had my P233mmx Vivante SE for 2 years with no problem. Just recently, however, things have begun to turn sour. The computer will reboot itself!
[-]Beeps upon power on is usually (but not always) a RAM problem. Luckily on the SE both RAM cards/slots are easily accessible. With the power off, turn the computer over. Remove the two screws from the RAM access door. Chances are you only have one RAM card installed. Try removing it, then re-installing. It doesn't matter which slot you use. If the problem persists, try using an eraser and clean the gold contacts on the RAM card. It could also be a sign of a RAM card failing and needing to be replaced. The RAM used is a 144-pin SODIMM SDRAM with gold contacts. They are available in 32MB, 64MB, 128MB.

[?]Message: 'Restoring Configuration From Disk' on boot.
[-]It sounds like in his BIOS settings that he has "Suspend To Disk" selected for the suspend function. You suspend by holding down the power button briefly. To turn off the computer however, you hold down the power button until the machine powers down.When the computer detects that the battery is low, it will suspend (in whichever mode you have selected -- in this case, Suspend to Disk).  While suspending-to-disk it shows  the message fullscreen: 'Suspend to Disk Process'.
[!]More info on setting Suspend/Resume Mode: refer to your User's Guide.



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