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frequently asked questions


[?]CPU coolers.
[?]My laptop seems to run really hot....can't keep it on my Vivante XL after a while...
[-]Consider installing a CPU Cooling Utility (RAIN 2.0).  Since installing RAIN, my laptops run much cooler and the CPU fans run less often. Since one had a noisey fan, that was a greater concern for me than the heat .
RAIN is easy to install and there's *NO* apparent  performance loss. It may also prolonged battery life.  RAIN works with AMD, Cyrix and Pentium CPUs and comes with it's own uninstall option in the Start Menu if you decide 
not to keep it. RAIN is small (less than 120Kb download)  and best of all ... it's FREE! 
RAIN 2.0 can be downloaded at: NotebookReview:RAIN
Double-click on the downloaded file and it will install  itself. Just install and forget it. It installs a folder  in the Start Menu called Rain; however, it loads 
automatically when you boot your PC and places an icon in  the SysTray by the clock. 
If you see the 3 Raindrops on the icon - it's working. To disable Rain, right-click on the icon and the raindrops will disappear - indicating it's disabled. To re-enable it, just right-click again.
[-]Check out WaterFallfrom Leading Tech too. This one is shareware, has more features but as for its effect on your notebook is the same  as RAIN.

[!]For more information and other CPU coolers, checkout: 



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